About D1 Promotion

After our founder paid thousands of dollars to "top" online recruiting companies with no results, he and his son took his son's recruiting into their own hands. 

After countless hours of helping his son contact coaches, submit film, post to social media, he quickly released he wasted all of that money with the "top" recruiting companies.  

He learned that he and his son were the best advocates for helping his son achieve his dream of playing college football.  He learned he could do everything recruiting companies were doing and do it better.  Once his son achieved his dream, he started D1 Promotion to help others do the same.

What Our Founder Learned

College coaches don't want to hear from recruiting companies.  They want to hear from only the athletes. Promoting yourself is your best chance of getting noticed. We'll teach you how.

Secret #1

College coaches don't open emails from recruiting companies. It's rare. They are viewed as spam. They want to open emails from the athletes only.

Secret #2

Recruiting companies are hoarding the information to make you dependent upon them.  They won't give you a coach's email.  They won't tell you that you can talk to them on your own.

Secret #3

Recruiting companies are banking on your dreams and your fears. They're selling you that if you pay thousands now that you will save tens of thousands later. 



Yep! I'm the guy who wasted thousands of dollars on recruiting companies for my oldest son.  After meetings with "recruiting coaches" and lack of any interest from programs for my son, we took his recruiting into our own hands. 

First, let me state the obvious. If your son or daughter can play, a coach is going to notice.  Coaches are looking for players that will help their team succeed. 

Now that's out of the way, if you can play, you can get in front of them, speak to them, and even visit them. 

We learned how to find their information, communicate with them directly, and get opportunities that a recruiting company just can't get you. 

My oldest son, who I mention above, received a D2 scholarship and several D1 walk-on offers.  His high school had only 200 students and scouts never visited any home or away games.

He would have never had those opportunities if we had only relied on recruiting companies.

Our team will teach you the same things we did for him and others, saving you time and money. 

Remember, you are your biggest advocate. Go do the work to make your dreams come true!

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