Can a 30-Year-Old Play College Football?

For all the young bucks out there reading this and thinking they have until they're 30 to play college're wrong. You have until you're 35. And here's why...

The NCAA has a rule that states players can't participate in college athletics if they turn 26 years old before September 1 of the year they plan to compete. However, there is an exception to this rule for football players. The NCAA allows football players who turn 27 years old before December 31st of the year they plan to compete to still participate in college athletics.

So if you are a 30-year-old who wants to play college football, you are eligible as long as you meet these criteria:

-You cannot have played in a professional football league (NFL, CFL, etc.)

-You must have been out of high school for at least three years

-You must enroll in college as a full-time student


So if you've always dreamed of playing college football but never had the chance, it's not too late! You have until you're 35 to make your dream a reality. Just make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and enroll as a full-time student, and you'll be suiting up for your first game in no time.