Can You Play College Football without Playing in High School?

A lot of people think that you have to play football in high school to get recruited to play in college. But that's not necessarily true. There are many ways to get recruited to play college football, and high school football is just one of them. The truth is, there are many ways to get recruited to play college football. And while playing high school football may be the most common way, it's not the only way. Many athletes don't play high school football who still go on to play college football.

For example, many athletes play other sports in high school and then focus on football in college. This is a great way to get recruited because playing other sports can show your athleticism and versatility. Colleges love versatile athletes because they can often contribute to the team in multiple ways. Another way to get recruited is by attending football camps. There are many different types of football camps, but they all provide an opportunity for you to showcase your skills in front of college coaches. If you perform well at a camp, you'll likely be on the radar of some college coaches.

Another way to get recruited is by reaching out to college coaches directly. This can be done through email, social media, or even old-fashioned snail mail. The important thing is that you make sure your contact information is up-to-date and that you're polite and professional in all your correspondence.

Let's go more in-depth on what you can do to make a college football team. Here are five tips to make a college football team!

1. Get in Shape

Before they even start practicing with the team, college football players need to make sure they're in top physical shape. Without strong speed and agility, as well as the endurance to last through an entire game, it will be difficult for players to compete at a collegiate level. Prospective college football players need to have a thorough understanding of their physical abilities, and then create a workout plan accordingly.

They should consult with their coach or a trainer, who can offer guidance on what exercises and training methods will optimize their performance on the field. Remember, getting into shape is just the first step towards making a college football team and becoming a successful college athlete. Ongoing fitness maintenance is crucial for both personal health and athletic success.

2. Learn the Plays

As a college football player, one of the most important aspects of succeeding on the field is knowing your plays. Whether it's an offensive play that you need to execute to score points or a defensive play that will stop the opposing team from scoring, understanding and being able to execute your plays is crucial.

It's important to take the time to thoroughly study and learn the plays for your position. Your coach can provide valuable insight and guidance on how to go about learning them, or you can utilize online resources such as video tutorials or written explanations.

Regardless of how you go about it, having a thorough understanding of the plays will greatly improve your performance on the field and increase your chances of success with the team.

3. Be a Team Player

As college football programs continue to prioritize team success over individual achievements, coaches are now seeking players who possess strong interpersonal skills in addition to athletic prowess. This means not only being able to work well with others on and off the field, but also being a good listener and an active contributor to team dynamics.

Coaches want players who put the team first and have the ability to handle setbacks and conflicts within the group. While athletic abilities are undoubtedly important, college football teams are now valuing those who can contribute to a positive team atmosphere just as much. As such, being a strong team player is becoming increasingly important for college football athletes looking to make an impact at the collegiate level.

4. Show Your Dedication

Dedication is a crucial aspect of college football and can often be the determining factor in a coach's decision to bring on a new player. Showing dedication means consistently attending practices and workouts, being on time for all team events, and giving your full effort at every moment.

Coaches want players who are committed to the team's success and willing to put in the necessary work. Demonstrating this level of dedication not only makes a strong impression on college coaches but also sets you up for success as a college athlete. Being dedicated to the team means putting in extra time to improve individually, working well with your teammates, and staying focused during games.

Ultimately, dedication can go a long way in making a college football team.

5. Be Positive

As college football coaches assess potential recruits, they seek not only top athletic talent, but also individuals who will contribute to the overall positive culture of the team. In college athletics, having a positive attitude and being coachable are critical qualities for success.

A coach wants players who are willing to put in the hard work and effort necessary to improve on the field, and who will support and encourage their teammates. Simply put, college coaches value positivity in their players. Therefore, demonstrating this attribute during the recruiting process can help set you apart as a desirable recruit for college football teams. Ultimately, being positive is an imperative aspect of achieving success at the collegiate level.


There are many ways to get recruited to play college football, and high school football is just one of them. If you're a high school athlete who wants to play college football, don't despair if you don't think you're good enough to play at the varsity level. There are many other ways to impress college coaches and get recruited to play at the next level. So go out there and start exploring all your options!

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