How to Choose and Sign with the School that's Right for You

Your dream has come true. You've been chosen by your top institution to play football for their team. This moment has been in your mind since you were a child. However, before you can join the team officially, you must submit a National Letter of Intent. We'll go through the stages of signing your National Letter of Intent so that you can join the team legally.

The first step is to submit the National Letter of Intent form. This document may be found on the NCAA's website. You must submit the form to the university's athletics department after you have completed it.

The next step is to meet with the head coach and/or athletics director in person. You will talk about your dedication to the team and what your plans are for as long as you're a part of it. This way, they get to know you better and can see if you'd be a good fit on their team.

The third stage is to sign the National Letter of Intent form. You are now a member of the team once you've signed the document and it has become official–you're now a part of the group!


It's an important day in your life–one that you'll never forget. You can ensure that everything goes well by following these simple instructions.

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