How to Create a Highlight Reel That Will Get You Recruited

If you're a high school basketball player, then you know how key it is to put together a great highlight reel. But what exactly goes into making a recruiting tape that will wow college coaches? Check out our blog post for tips on putting together an eye-catching reel.

1. Three Minutes and Under is Key

The importance of a highlight reel can't be understated- it's your chance to show college basketball coaches what you're made of on the court. And while you want to make sure your reel is packed with your best plays, you also don't want it to be too long.

College coaches are always busy, so they won't watch a video that's 30 minutes long. To ensure they watch your reel, make it concise and straightforward. Keep it under three minutes, and focus on showing off your skills and athleticism.

With a well-crafted highlight reel, you'll be one step closer to landing a spot on a college basketball team.

2. Lead with Your Best Plays

As any basketball player knows, the key to making a good first impression is to start your reel with your finest work. Don't begin your reel with footage of you sitting on the bench; start it with shots of you performing outstanding acts.

Begin your reel with a close-up of you shooting the basketball, then show a clip of you dribbling down the court and making a layup. These are the kinds of plays that will grab the attention of scouts and coaches, so make sure they're included in your reel.

By starting your reel with your best work, you'll be sure to make a good first impression and increase your chances of being recruited.

3. Include Game, Practice, and Camp Footage

Coaches want to see the game film because it allows them to assess your talent. However, practice footage is also extremely significant. It allows coaches to see how you interact with your teammates and how you execute the plays that are called.

For players who didn't get a lot of playing time in games, practice footage is an essential tool for evaluation. Coaches can use it to determine whether you have the potential to be a valuable member of the team. If you want to impress your basketball coach, make sure to get plenty of game film and practice videos.

They'll be able to see how hard you're working and how much progress you're making.

4. Show Different Angles

Basketball coaches want to see your basketball skills from every angle. include footage from behind the arc if you're a perimeter player, so they can see your ability to shoot from long range.

if you're a post player, include footage of you playing down low and making moves in the paint. regardless of your position, make sure to include footage of you playing defense and rebounding, so coaches can see your versatility. including footage from multiple angles will give coaches a full picture of your abilities and help them decide between recruiting you.

Front Court Players: Include baseline drives, post moves, and block shots

Perimeter Players: Include catch-and-shoot jumpers, pull-up jumpers, and fast break finishes

Guards: Include pick-and-rolls, ball screens, and transition defense.

5. Make Sure Your Video Looks Professional

As a basketball coach, the first thing I'm looking for when evaluating a player is their reel. A properly edited reel that runs well will make a positive first impression. If you're not confident in your video editing abilities, it's worth hiring an editor to polish your reel. A bad-quality reel might be off-putting and perplexing for coaches.

I've seen too many talented players lose out on opportunities because their reel wasn't up to par. Don't let that be you! Invest in a good editor and get your reel looking sharp. It'll be worth it in the long run.


Putting together a high-quality highlight reel is one of the most important things you can do as a high school basketball player who wants to get recruited by college coaches. By following the tips in this blog post, you can put together a reel that will get you noticed by the right people.

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