How to Double Your Chances of Getting Recruited as a High School Athlete with One Move

How to Double Your Chances of Getting Recruited as a High School Athlete with One Move

The college recruiting process can be daunting. As a high school athlete, you know that you need to work hard in both your sport and in the classroom to attract the attention of college coaches. But what if I told you there was one simple thing you could do that would instantly double your chances of getting recruited?

The answer is creating a highlight reel. A highlight reel is a short video, usually 3-5 minutes long, that showcases your skills as an athlete. Think of it as your professional portfolio. Just like actors and actresses use headshots and reel footage to get work, you can use a highlight reel to get noticed by college coaches.

Creating a highlight reel is not as difficult or expensive as you might think. You can easily create one using your smartphone or a home video camera. Simply film yourself playing your sport and edit the footage down to your best plays. You can even add music or other special effects if you want to get creative.

Once you have created your highlight reel, post it online on a site like YouTube or Vimeo. Then, send the link to every college coach you are interested in playing for. This is an easy way for coaches to see your skills without having to attend one of your games in person (which can be costly and time-consuming).

High school athletes who create highlight reels have a huge advantage in the recruiting process. A well-made highlight reel will show off your skills in the best possible light and help you get noticed by college coaches who might not otherwise have seen you play. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start filming!