How to Get Recruited for College as a High School Senior

It's no secret that playing college sports can open up a lot of doors. But what's the best way to get recruited? Is it all about talent? Or is there more to it than that?

In short, it's a combination of both. Of course, you need to have the talent and skill to play at the collegiate level. But other factors go into the recruiting process as well. Here are a few tips on how to make yourself more attractive to college recruiters:

1) Start early

As a student-athlete, the recruiting process can be both exciting and overwhelming. However, one important thing to keep in mind is that starting early can give you a significant advantage. College coaches are constantly evaluating potential recruits and looking for talented athletes to fill their rosters.

By starting your recruiting journey early, you can make sure that you get on their radar and increase your chances of being noticed. Plus, it also gives you more time to research schools, build relationships with coaches, compile impressive highlight tapes, and showcase your athletic abilities at events and tournaments.

So don't wait - start reaching out to potential colleges now and work towards getting recruited to the right team for you.

2) Get involved in community service and leadership activities

As a collegiate athlete, recruiting is an important aspect of the recruiting process. Coaches not only want to see a strong athletic performance, but they also want to recruit individuals who will be positive role models for their teams and their communities.

One way to stand out as a recruiting candidate is to show your well-rounded nature and involvement in your community. This can include volunteering at local events or nonprofit organizations, participating in extracurricular activities, and maintaining good academic standing. Showing that you have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication outside of sports can greatly add to your recruiting appeal as a whole.

Just remember, coaches aren't just looking for star athletes - they're looking for individuals who will positively contribute to the team on and off the field.

3) Make sure your grades are up to par

As a college coach, recruiting is always a balancing act. I need to consider not only an athlete's skills and potential on the field or court but also their ability to succeed in the classroom. I need to see that they are dedicated to their academic pursuits and have what it takes to thrive at our university.

There's no room on my team for a player who may struggle academically and end up getting dismissed or ineligible due to poor grades. I want players who can handle the rigors of both athletic and academic commitments, and prioritize their success in both areas. In the recruiting process, I am always looking for those dedicated student-athletes who will excel on the field and in the classroom.

That's how I build a successful team – with players who are committed to academic and athletic success.

4) Stay out of trouble

When recruiting for a college sports team, the character of the athlete is just as important as their athletic ability. Coaches want to ensure that each player will not only excel on the field but also act as an ambassador for the school off the field.

A history of poor behavior or controversial actions can turn off potential recruits and damage the reputation of the team and the university as a whole. As such, coaches prioritize recruiting athletes with unblemished pasts who can be trusted to make good decisions.

On top of being a reflection of the university, players with clean records are also more likely to have successful futures, both in their sport and beyond. In short, college coaches prioritize recruiting athletes with positive track records who can represent their school in a favorable light.


If you're a high school athlete with aspirations of playing college sports, then following these tips should help you increase your chances of getting recruited. At the end of the day, it's important to remember that colleges are looking for more than just raw talent—they're also looking for athletes who will be positive role models and ambassadors for their school. So focus on being the best person you can be, both on and off the field, and let the recruiting process take care of itself.

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