Star Ratings and How They Affect Football Recruiting

As a high school football player, your objective is to play at the collegiate level. One of the most important elements in realizing this goal is your star rating. Your star rating reflects both your athletic ability and potential as a football player, and it's determined by scouting companies that evaluate you throughout your high school career. Make no mistake: having a good star ranking can be beneficial. It can open or shut doors just as quickly.

Criteria for Star Rating Determination

There is no one definitive way that scouts judge players. They will look at physical attributes, such as height and weight. Additionally, they assess playing style and technique. Another factor in their decision-making process is grades and test scores. Finally, they try to get a sense of your character traits and leadership skills. Thus, scouts need to have a well-rounded view of who you are both as a player and person."

During your high school career, your star rating can fluctuate. If you have a remarkable year or wow scouts at one of their evaluation events, your star rating might rise. Conversely, if you have an average season or become injured, your star rating may fall. That's why it's critical to pursue improvement every day and strive to get better overall.

Why Star Ratings Matter

If you want to play collegiately, your star rating will affect which schools recruit you. If you're a 5-star recruit, plenty of colleges will be vying for your attention—but if you only have 3 stars by your name, your options may shrink. That's not to say that it's impossible to succeed at the collegiate level without being highly sought-after; many 3-star recruits go on have very successful careers. It'll just be tougher for coaches to take notice of you if don't boast that alluring 5 or 4-star label.


In conclusion, your star ranking is significant since it is one of the most important elements in determining which schools will recruit you. If you wish to compete at the collegiate level, you must put effort into improving your game and impress scouts to earn a 5-star rating. Keep in mind that if you're not a highly rated prospect, it's not tough to play at the next level; however, it will be more difficult. So do all you can now to ensure your success!

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