The Red Shirt Rule and Its Impact on Football Recruiting

The NCAA's rule change in 2017, allowing football players to compete in up to four games without using a year of eligibility, has been significant for how college coaches recruit high school football players.

The redshirt rule was created to let first-year football students get accustomed to college-level play without wasting a year of eligibility. If a freshman previously played one down of football, they would be stripped of one year of being able to play. This was referred as the "5th-year seniors" rule.

The new redshirt rule permits freshmen, football players, to get experience. This doesn't use up any eligibility and now more freshmen are playing on college teams than before. College coaches must recruit from high school even more because of this trend.

This new regulation is beneficial to high school football players who are considering playing college football. They will be able to get used to the college game's speed without having to worry about losing a year of eligibility by redshirting their first season. They'll also be able to improve their talents and build up their bodies for the demands of collegiate football.


The new redshirt rule has had a significant influence on high school football recruiting. High school athletes considering collegiate football should take advantage of the new legislation by sitting out their first year. They'll be able to get acclimated to college play without losing a year of eligibility, and they'll be able to develop their skills and build up their bodies for the demands of college football.

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