Tips for Making a Great Highlight Reel

If you're looking to get recruited by college coaches, one of the best things you can do is put together a great highlight reel. Here are three tips to help you make a reel that will really stand out:

1. Use game footage whenever possible. College coaches want to see how you perform in actual games, so highlight footage should be taken from game situations whenever possible.

2. Make sure the footage is high quality. Coaches want to be able to see you clearly and assess your skills, so use footage that is crisp and clear.

3. Edit the footage down to the best moments. Don't include filler footage or anything that doesn't show you at your best - coaches only have limited time,

Using Actual Game Footage

When it comes to creating highlight reels to send to college coaches for recruiting, it is important to use actual game footage. This will give coaches a better sense of your skills and abilities as a player.

Coaches want to see how you perform in live game situations, so highlight reel that only shows highlights from practice or scrimmage games will not be as effective. Be sure to include footage from both offensive and defensive play, as well as any special teams plays you may have made.

College coaches will be interested in seeing all aspects of your game.

Make Sure to Use High-Quality Footage

If you're going to make a highlight reel to send to college coaches, it's important that you use high-quality footage. Coaches want to be able to see your skills clearly, so using footage that is blurry or low-resolution won't do you any favors. Make sure the footage you use is clear and easy to see, so coaches can get a good idea of your abilities.

Only Show Your Best Moments

If you're hoping to get recruited by college coaches, it's important that you only show your best moments in your highlight reel. College coaches are looking for talented athletes who they think will be able to contribute to their team, so you need to make sure that your highlight reel showcases your skills and abilities.

There's no need to include plays where you didn't do anything noteworthy - focus on the plays where you made a significant contribution. This will give college coaches a better idea of what you're capable of and whether you're someone they should be recruiting.

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Put Your Best Film Forward the First Time

When your sending off your highlight reel, it's important to keep in mind that you may only have one shot at making a good impression. College coaches receive hundreds, if not thousands, of highlight reels each year. If yours isn't up to par, they probably won't watch it again.

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