What Do I Email College Coaches?

What Do I Email College Coaches?

Mastering the Art of Emailing College Coaches: Your Definitive Guide

How do you email college coaches? Getting the attention of a college coach is the first critical step in your journey towards an athletic scholarship and a fulfilling sports career. An email is more than just a message; it’s your initial pitch, your best opportunity to sell yourself. But what exactly should this all-important email contain?

Crafting an Unbeatable Subject Line

The subject line is your first point of contact, and in many cases, it’s where you either win or lose the coach’s attention. Make it specific, urgent, and straightforward. You want to convey three key points: who you are, what sport you play, and why the coach should be interested. For example, “High-Scoring Midfielder in Georgia Ready for a Fall 2024 Soccer Scholarship.”

The Opening Salvo: Introduction and Greeting

After capturing their attention with the subject line, your opening paragraph should provide a succinct but compelling introduction. Who you are, where you’re from, and what makes you a unique addition to their athletic program should all be covered.

Conclusion: Unlocking Your Full Athletic and Academic Potential

Presenting Your Athletic Credentials

In the main body of the email, you want to detail your athletic accomplishments. Do you have any records? Have you received any individual accolades? Perhaps you’ve played in championships? Make sure you also mention your statistics, as numbers can often speak louder than words.

Highlighting Your Academic Achievements

Although you’re primarily reaching out to college coaches for athletic purposes, don’t forget to mention your academic achievements. Your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, or any scholarships and awards you’ve received will show the coach that you’re a well-rounded individual.

Providing Video Footage: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Adding a link to your highlight reel or game footage can give coaches a firsthand look at your skills. Make sure to include a call to action, urging them to view the video.

Specifics: Why Their Program and How You Fit

Now, dive into why you’re particularly interested in their athletic program and school. This shows you’ve done your homework and you’re serious about wanting to be a part of their team. It can also provide coaches with context for how you would fit into their program.

Closing the Loop: The Follow-Up Plan

State clearly what you are hoping to get out of the email, whether it’s a follow-up phone call, an opportunity for a tryout, or a slot in one of their athletic camps. Then, close courteously, thanking them for their time and consideration.

Don’t Forget the Attachments: Resumé and References

Make sure to attach a athletic resumé that covers both your athletic and academic history. This provides a quick snapshot of your credentials and saves coaches time from having to go back and forth with you for basic information.

Goal-Setting for Future College Athletes

Pro Tip: Timing and Tracking

Send your email at a time when it’s most likely to be read. Tuesday mornings are generally best. Use email tracking software to see when your email has been opened, and plan your follow-ups accordingly.

Crafting the Perfect Follow-Up Email

Even after sending a meticulously crafted email, the work isn’t done. A polite follow-up email after a week can help keep you on the coach’s radar, especially if they have a busy schedule.

Conclusion: The Email is Just the Beginning

In summary, an email to a college coach should be more than just a quick note; it’s a meticulously crafted sales pitch. From the subject line to the attachments, every element must be in its prime form to catch the coach’s attention and make a lasting impression.

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