Why You Should Create a Recruiting Video

A recruiting video is a fantastic method to demonstrate to coaches at colleges what you're capable of on the field. It's an excellent approach to stand out from the crowd and be seen by the appropriate individuals. It's also a wonderful method to display your abilities and provide coaches with an idea of your playing style. Here are some pointers for making a memorable recruiting video.

1. Keep your video short

Keep your player video short to save the coach time. They will be able to tell if you have the skills from just a few minutes of watching, so there's no need to make it any longer. If they're interested, they'll reach out to you. Just show them what you can do, and let them assess for themselves.

2. Make sure it's of good quality.

NCAA coaches are looking for a well-produced video that showcases your best skills as a player. They don't want to see a cell phone video with shaky footage and difficult-to-hear audio. They want to view a film that is clear, well-lit, and shows you at your best. If you wish to be recruited, you should invest in high-quality equipment and hire a skilled videographer. It will pay off in the end.

3. Highlight your strengths.

What makes you stand out from the crowd? What are your greatest attributes as a football player? Make sure to highlight your abilities in your recruiting video so that coaches can understand why you're worth recruiting.

4. Stick to game footage if possible

College coaches evaluating potential recruits often request game footage to get a sense of their playing style and ability. While highlight reel footage can be helpful, it's more helpful to include clips of you in actual game play.

This will give coaches a better sense of how you perform under pressure and how you react to different game scenarios. If you're serious about playing at the collegiate level, be sure to include the game film in your recruiting materials. It could be the difference between getting noticed by a coach and being lost in the shuffle.


A stellar recruiting video is an excellent way of demonstrating your skills to college coaches. Keep it under three minutes, make sure the footage is top-notch, and center on your strengths as a player. Adding game footage is also key so that evaluators can assess how you play in actual game scenarios. If you heed these suggestions, you'll produce a recruitment video that will help distinguish you from other athletes and get noticed by the ideal people.

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